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Okay so the "Gods" I know best are the Greek ones. So sue me. It's not my fault, i mean come on!
I live in Canada. Is that alright? SHould I hate myself that I do?

I'm so sorry I don't know the Turkish Gods names.

I find it hilarious that anywhere other than forums linked back to anime-osts, I can get along just find with everybody from where ever in the world they are from, but there it's like death. I just don't get it.

I love bladez, he's very likeable and easy to get along with but apparently tons hate him. @_____@ So is it just me? Do I have bad taste in friends? (on forums) Mind you evil bitch hates him too, and well she sucks as a person, so that's a sign he's cool.

So anyways back to me just trying to say why I like/know the Greek Gods the best (the Roman planet ones i'm not good at knowing) and somehow it's this big thing about why the Turkish ones (i'm assuming these unknown names to me are Turkish, cuz he's Turkish, I mean i could be wrong) should be known, and the whole time i'm thinking 'WTF? why does it really matter? you asshat.' So somehow it turns into this thing where i'm the egotistical and aggressive one. Excuse me?

Here I finally find a some what could forum with the people i love on aost, before it went to shit, and i get this asshat? Who I don't know. He's from some other forum that is dead. Run by maya/maja/whatever she wishes to be today. Whom was okay back in the day when her english wasn't the best and not on purpose would start fights by typing: "Hey you gays!" but meaning "guys" >___> What made me sever ties with her was when she pretended she was going to go commit suicide just to get attention. She reutrned late the next day and pretended it next happened. Like she didn't have that conversation for hrs the nite before. Not to mention the lack of sleep i got because I had to calm down a panic'k Dragonlord who was fricking out thinking she meant what she was saying. I knew a girl who lied all the time. She'd also pretend she was gonna kill herself. She claimed a lot of things to get attention. Even that she was sexually abused. So i'm sorry but i have no place in my life for that type of person.

I'm sorry about all the rant entries.
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