dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Goderich, Ontario

Was hit by 2 possible Torandoes today. (Until they are confirmed as tornadoes by environment Canada I can't say they were).

So i've been spamming my FB and watching twitter like a hawk. The Major has declared a State of Emergency. The police are guarding the banks & phamacies since the windows are gone. Power is out to at least 1900 people. Power lines are down, trees uprooted. Golf ball sized hail fell.

Just found out "Town officials & police to hold news conference at 9:30pm." I'll be watching. I assume it's on A... o__O

i just don't seem to have any words right now.

Gas leaks are also reported. My city is sending cops to assist anyway they can. It's real bad.

Also my Grandma is in the hospital with an infection. She's doing okay though.

So if things come in threes....

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