dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

blue flames ep 23

spoilers? sure
Upon watching in raw (as i've been doing since episode 1, only just not watching a sub since ep 15ish) i'm now under the belief that there is no way in hell boobs.. Sheimi can't possibilily be related by blood to Rin & Yukio's mother. Thanks for that one.

Mephisto's green hamster.... so you see? he's so important! lol the fact i found him a bit creepy and couldn't watch anyone else but him when he was on the screen makes perfect sense now. I need to stop paying so much attention to the details and things most people miss, so I can get a surprise once in awhile. Amaimon.

Speaking of no surprise I knew Stefan would kill Damon's girlfriend... I could write for these shows. -______- I like to not know what will happen before it happens please! and thanks! Try to surprise me you damned writers!

Tags: anime: ao no exorcist, tv: vampire diaries

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