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This season on the telly

Bai Bai to ALl My Children after 41 years on ABC which is own by the slaughtering Mouse House aka Disney.
I cried during each episode this week.

I loved... L-O-V-E-D Sarah Michelle Gellar's guest appearance. Srsly thank you for that one!

Check her out! Even if you didn't watch any episode over the 41 years it was on TV. (that's years not seasons)

On the lovely topic of SMG (big fan here *waves*) Ringer is awesome. If you aren't watching you should. I need to see this week's episode still so this is a must watch after just one episode.

Fringe - you must save Peter! Either way I must keep watching! It's too complex to not watch, or miss any episode would = death for sure. I mean I sometimes have no clue what's going on even if I have seen all the episodes. lolz

Supernatural - after the train wreck that was the first season w/o your God (aka the creator) I've dropped you. Had to watch more then I wanted since Sebastian was guest starring in a few eps, and srsly how many times must you use "poop"? how dumb do you think the viewers are? 2 years olds who think saying "buns" is funny? /rant Okay so there is an episode w James & Charisma this season that one i will watch. Maybe... on some day... i don't know when since Fringe is on at the same time and I refuse to skip it for crap. Did I mention i'm a BtVS fan?
Since Cas killed Balthazar at least I don't need to watch it for Sebastian anymore.... instead.....

The Vampire Diaries - Sebastian will be in this this season! Thank you! He'll be bad for sure, he's type casted as that. Srsly. Jeremy and his ghosts... can stefan be saved? Jeremy's ghosts = Anna seeing! and I loved her. Stefan, even when "bad" is boring lol How I don't even know. XD THough I'm sick of Elena the rest of the cast makes up for it. Caroline.... her papa isn't what i expected at all. Okay I lied i don't like Matt either.

lost girl - what can you say about awesome? w/o saying it's awesome? Kenzi is still my fav. Each time we learna about more interesting fae.

The Mentalist - it's on too late! so i haven't seen it yet!

okay gotta jet!
with my toe. which is better today.
which is good cuz shoe shopping for work....
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