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so i watched kobato. via my NA DVDs. Since i took stay up as late as i wanted last nite I tried to watch all the eps I had left.... with 10mins remaining in the final episode, I had to go to sleep lol

I was so close!

Persona 4 - finally got around to watching ep 1, and 2. I'll like this one i'm sure.

merlin 3 - for some reason i have to opinion on this one. It was sorta blah for me. ep 4 looks much better. but maybe i'm John Hurt bias or something. XD For Doctor Who fans fires of Pompeii episode guy was in it. I can't remember his character name currently so... guy that had the stone arm that the Doctor pulled off.

Guilty Crown has been watched! RAW only so far. I love it. lol shocking right? Music!!! Sawano-san!!! I'm stalking CDJapan for it's OST. I cannot help it. It's a keeper.

Un-go in a word was odd. lolz But I love odd so it's also a keeper.

fairy tail - i love ishida akira. I'd like him in it more pls! I don't mind if he kills everyone else. I'm okay with that. Oddly doing much better with this series than bleach. But this is fantasy and im all for that genre

on the forum known as 'http://animetun.es' but should be called 'noonewatchesanimehere-tunes' a thread was started: "Loosing Interest In Anime" typo aside, why did these ppl start up a new anime forum? Next to none of the staff watch anime, and same goes for the members. Makes little sense to me.

"I still love anime... but I feel like almost every anime I watch in bland and mediocre o.o"

Firstly anime is a medium.... it's Japanese animation. There are different types just like any other one, for example American movies, or tv shows. So if all you watch are comedy/drama shows, i could see that getting boring fast. Because frankly comedies are boring.

"It's sad really, I want to see something with depth but Japan just keeps churning out garbage."

This may be because they think of "anime" as a genre. Or perhaps they just have poor taste.

And then defaultmp3 posts a reply that is just too epic to not fully quote:

"How the fuck does one lose interest in anime? It's just a medium with which to tell a story, and a very broad one, at that: animation from Japan of a certain art style. You might as well ponder the possibility of getting tired of, say, American literature or French cinema. In other words, it doesn't make sense to me. Video games are interactive, and that's vaguely understandable if one claims to get tired of it, but anime is just another piece of video that has been segregated from other forms of video entertainment for reasons I'm still not totally sure
about. As for all this talk about how current anime is all shit, it sounds suspiciously like the same claim being made in gaming; anyways, what does that have to do with losing interest in anime? What dictates that you have to find the currently airing series interesting in order to be interested in anime? By that metric, I've never been interested in anime then, since I've never watched an anime that wasn't done airing."

And I get shit if I say I'd like more anime speak on an anime forum, that's pretty messed up, i'd think.

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