dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

I watch what I watch because I like it....

not because others say I should.

Nor do I watch something just because there is pre-release "hype" that it's the best thing ever! I mean how could anyone know that before it airs? srsly. how?

If I don't like something I don't continue to watch it.
Why? Why would I? That crazy and stupid and a waste of time, among other things.


These 3 are my main genres I watch.

I will not watch a series full of female characters.

I do watch lost girl, that has a succubus as the main character. I don't really watch it for her though. Figures in a series full of various fae, I'd love the human. lol Think of "fae" as faerie folk or thing anything in Spiderwick etc.

Have the heat on first time since it got warm outside. It was 3c at 5:30am (yes i was up than. Fell asleep at 9pmish last nite and woke up at 5:30am bai-bai saturday nite :/)

Once Upon A Time starts tonight. I'll try to not compare it too much to The 10th Kingdom. Jennifer Morrison is in it, and I like her. So I'll give it a chance. Also Faerie Tales! And I love those. Well the real ones, not the baby Disney versions.

Kimi to Boku
Persona 4
Guilty Crown
Sekaiichi 2
Phi Brain

That's my list.

Kimi to Boku is the most out of place 1 on there. Really. It's a drama/comedy thing about nothing.  That's right nothing. It surprises me why so many watch these types of shows that are about nothing. But maybe they are entertained by reality tv programs as well. I don't get those people.

Loving Guilty Crown. And maybe this week I'll have some time to do some creative things. Not working full shifts this week. yay! but still working til 1pm which is late enough.

If you have the time to pick apart a series, don't watch it. GC is an original series, i believe that is getting a manga adaptation, and I cannot wait for people to say it's waaaay better and act all smart and say shit like why didn't they follow the manga.... because the anime came first.
(AnE's manga is better because.... bcuz it 's less filler for one thing, but the series had epic music... and that composer in no way is making my opinion of GC bias. I swear it!)

speaking of whining. The forum is full of idiots. There said it (again most likely). You are bashing anime, and yet when I use a comparison to not liking of something ppl seem to love I get attacked with a comment like: 'this thread isn't about bashing what ppl like' Did i miss something?

i like/love anime --- thread isn't about bashing what ppl like --- but it's got countless ppl calling anime crap, and Japan crap --- so it's about bashing what ppl like... right?

AGE - shut up! I like what I like, and I like this! Also Tezuka Osamu character style likeness.... I'm sure you get what I'm saying... as long as you don't say "who's that?" in which case you need to wake up and learn something about manga/anime.
Tags: anime: guilty crown, anime: gundam age, faeries

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