dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ep 4

Just want to say that even though I love Tori and Chiaki together....
I love Yuu too (somehow saying that in my head sounded different lol). But that could be seiyuu biasness. >_____>

Masa and Ritsu are my favourite pairing, but I enjoy all the main pairings in this series, so when they switch to the different ones for the "main spotlight" in different episodes I don't care. XD  Which is so unusual for me, i know. lol

Yuu x Chaiki could be fun as well, right? srsly.

Need some Kou and Kisa action for this season still. But maybe I'm just going through Okamoto withdrawal. Could be.

switching gears...
watched RHPS on the tv last nite from the "Flow morphia slow" part on wards. Wasn't planing on watching it. Just finished watching Sekaiichi, guilty crown, & fairy tail and thought I'd turn to CTV2. And who can't at least watch "Let's do the Time Warp"? While singing every lyric and reciting all the lines? Me apparently.

Also got 2 Piers Anthony books via amazon.ca both paperbacks.
Climate Change & The Sopaths.

The latter is about how in the future we run out of souls, and babies are born w/o them, thusly making them Sopaths. Murderous evil beings that must be killed. Sounds really good. lol Just need to find the time to read it.

and then there is this "new" anime encoding or whatever it is causing mayhem and nausea. Or at least I wish to believe it's its fault for the slow panning in not 1 anime series episode but 3, and not Izaya. Nothing like getting the feeling of wanting to vomit from a poorly done panning. That and I cannot play anything in VLC Player w/o just seeing a green fucking screen. I've d/led the codecs for this 10bit or 8 whichever one it is, and still it's shit. Thanks for that, by the way.
Tags: anime: sekaiichi, author: piers anthony

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