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Gundam AGE +

I was catching up by watching eps 3-4 (hello Wolf!) and thinking as I often do when watching anything.... (today it's just shocking to think that ppl think while watching shows /fact) that the reason I really love AGE is that it's old school.

Now i know that sounds dumb, because clearly it's brand new and still airing and such, but it gives off this "old school" anime feeling, that makes it better than anyone thinks it should be. However upon saying that, this will also stop "today's" anime watchers, from watching. Because it's not some f/x filled animation with pretty things to stare at. It' may be WS, but it's like it's not. if you get what i'm saying. XD

Caught up on released musics... srsly there was a lot.
LAMA's ED for Un-go - "fantasy" came out! Love that one. I like the guy singer better than the girl....
Final Fantasy Type-0's OST - listening to that now. I love it. Of course i'll never play the game, but I can still love the music, right?
Kita's new single the OP for Sekaiichi   *___________________________*   So Kita... when are you gonna release an album? and pls oh pls put the song for TnC on it!
Kimi to Boku.'s OP Single - ByeBye which includes a drama track where Chizuru goes above and beyond a lvl of annoying that any guy chara should ever be. He's ttly the annoying female chara of the series. Sorry Irino but i really hate you in this role.
New Kamiya Hiroshi + Ono Daisuke CD....
Also Working'!!'s OP/ED - which may explain easily why i'm not watching it, just by the OP song. Talk about annoying and extremely awful singing. The lyrics are horrid and it makes you want to vomit..... ED wasn't bad, but it's OnoD, Kamiyan and Jun so really...

Type-0 disc one track 17 - とある日の日常 makes me think of "teddy bears have there picnic" song... don't know why. lol

also watched eps 3-4 of un-go yesterday.
Tags: anime: gundam age, anime: sekaiichi, anime: ungo, games: final fantasy, music: kita shuuhei, seiyuu: fukuyama jun, seiyuu: irino miyu, seiyuu: kamiya hiroshi, seiyuu: ono daisuke

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