dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Got all the calendar I ordered

and the TnC one is really just a big "WIDE" poster.... WIDE being an issue for me, as anyone should know wall-space is limited and wide things are evil to hang... I've just eliminated 3 pullout space for the huge thing. x___x

So that's for calendars:
Natsume (cuz original art rocks!)

Also today Happy arrived today!
I ordered the plushie and keychain plush of him. Happy from Fairy Tail for those of you who don't watch fairy tail.

also i managed to receive the 2 "bags" from Nyanpire for the gashpon freebies you can get from YA. I really wanted one of the little plush keychains... oh well. the bags are too cute to use. lol

now i need to go see if i can lower a pullout so it can stay on the wall under the calendar....

also my T&B schedule book came
Tags: anime: ao no exorcist, anime: fairy tail, anime: natsume, anime: tiger n bunny, anime: togainu no chi

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