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Got some books

heard about a site called bookcloseouts.ca where you get cheap books, that may or may not have "injuries" from a friend.
So I ordered a few things. I'll get around to posting more about them all later, but first..

I picked up "Life's That Way -A Memoir-" by Jim Beaver (yes that Jim Beaver; many will know as Bobby on Supernatural). I had read a few pages online on amazon for it, and was planning on getting it at some point, so when i heard about this site, i randomly searched for it, and they had some copies.

Its about life. That'll sound a bit odd i guess, since it contains the emails he wrote daily to family, friends, and extended, starting October 27th 2003 after his wife was diagnosed with an advanced case of lung cancer, and he decided it would be easier to sent out emails instead of making endless phone calls. All this on the heels of August when they found out Maddie (their daughter) had Autism.

So yes it's a book about life... and death. Sadness and Joy.

I expect to bawl a few times while reading it. I've already teared up in Chapter one.

Cecily Adams was known to the sci-fi fandom as Moogie in Star Trek Deep Space Nine, although her main career was as a casting director. Daughter of Don Adams.
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