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You Know What's Funny?

Srsky this is the reason I shouldn't think too much about things. In a series like Sanctuary, one filled with supernatural beings that are main characters I tend to pick the human as my fav (see: Kenzi in Lost Girl; mind you Hale is growing on me and he's a siren. But mainly for a coupling w Kenzi. Of course I love Dyson, but this is going off topic). So it's funny that I pick Tesla as my fav of this series. Or is it?

A Christmas party this tuesday. So even though i've not set up for xmas here yet, i've festively bought a gift for that. With a limit of $10 there's not much one can do with that. Mind you I did see a cute little Hot Coca set with a rather big pinkish Hello Kitty Mug, but Mom thought I shouldn't pick that for the gift. I tend to pick things I like. Since I'd never give anything I won't want to anyone else. Mental Mind check. Coffe cup white w tree outlines in black and red birds. It's very pretty @ 5.99 plus candy canes to top it off. Or a small trip to the dollar store tomorrow...

The AMA's are on tonite so that means no new Once Upon A Time, that's a letdown I must say. I've grown fond of that boring guy from Stargate Universe, playing Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold. It's the perfect role for him.

At least Lost Girl is new tonite. And rumor has it in a couple more eps of Sanctuary Telsa will be back. Bonus.

I can't stop listening to My Dearest by supercell. I fail. I know. #TeamGuiltyCrown

Now back to raping http://sanctuary-caps.com
Tags: tv: lost girl, tv: once upon, tv: sanctuary, xmas

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