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My 2nd ever order from RightStuf Arrived

I was hoping it was my CDJapan order but oh well lol

Anyways picked up s-CRY-ed - something i've been wanting for a while  but didn't want to pay $45 for it. Got it for $29.99 USD
Also DVD vols 1-5 of Night Head for just $19.99. On amazon they only list vol 2 & 3 and for 19.99 each so this was the best option IMO.

Shipping isn't too bad i suppose, and i've been lucky to not get hit by customs so far, which is also nice.

On the topic of amazon....
What's wrong with this picture?

Tags: anime: scryed, seiyuu: hoshi souichiro, seiyuu: ishida akira, seiyuu: midorikawa hikaru, seiyuu: morikawa toshiyuki, seiyuu: ono daisuke, seiyuu: suwabe junichi

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