dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

So.... um... What?

My mom just got off the phone with my Dad and...

He just spent $1000 to fix his new (new to him at least) used car. What was the issue you ask? Wait for it... and try not to laugh....

Squirrels had been storing nuts inside it and chewed threw some of the engine wires... Um... yeah... okies... Walnuts anyone?

Decided to order legend of the seeker s2 for my mom to top off her xmas gift.
$50 CanTire gift card (of which i got with my CC reward points)
Vampire Diaries calendar

And since for reasons beyond my knowledge amazon.ca is having a black friday sale that's on now and some good deals are afoot so naturally randomly decided to add Sanctuary s3 BD to that order... so lets wait and see what year it'll ship.
Tags: stores: amazon

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