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So the 1969 package arrived today safe and sound. Along with another amazon package that was mailed a day later than it....

So I quickly wrapped up mom's gifts. And opened my Sanctuary Season 3 blu-ray and went to episode 4.... Trail of Blood. lol
$29.99 seemed like a good price for it. These "black friday" sales that are not only in the US are driving me nutz.

rightstuf has angel beats on sale so... for $27.99 BD I couldn't pass it up. Else pay like $60 on amazon.

It's also official that not only has Prospect Park dumped All My Children, but it's also KO'ed One Life to Live. These asshole were supposed to save them, not KO them twice on the fans. So not only was AMC's ending fucked over, but also OLTL because they've filmed the last episode already and packed up their stuff, meaning no closure.

Another World got to have an ending, and it was a great ending. AMC nor OLTL will get this chance now. They would have if the assholes at PP didn't bite off more than they could chew. ASSHOLES. Sorry I have rage and sadness. I was looking forward to OLTL continuing not long after it's end on ABC. And to top it all off PP has the rights to both shows for 10 yrs. Exclusive rights. Did I mention one of the founders of PP was an executive at Disney? Figures. As everyone knows Disney is a place of assholes, and bloodsuckers.

Anyways the music director of OLTL released Starr's "One Life to Live" song for free download. It's both sad and fiting for this series, as it even is named after the soap.

One Life to Live
(sung by Kristen Alderson aka Starr)

Where do you go with nothing to cling to?
Your head in the clouds the rainbows behind you
It's so hard to breathe
Always searching for hope

But lost are those eyes
Where I used to hideaway
And gone are those dreams
Falling down

Still you only have one voice
Just one chance here to hold on to
To reach for me
Believe 'cause you only have
One life to live

Where do you turn when darkness surrounds you?
Your heart on the floor
You lost the horizon
So hard to feel
No reason for hope

Well you only have one voice
Just one chance here to hold on to
To reach for me...
Believe 'cause you only have...
One life to live

This song is a lifeline
So keep holding on to me
Live for today's dream
Tomorrow’s what will be
Look and you'll find you have...
One life to live (to live)
One life to live (to live)

Song can be heard and downloaded here.

for me i'll link to Kassie's blog about this.
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