dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Watched the musical ep of Sanctuary last nite. Really want to see next weeks.... since Telsa's in it.. and he and Magnus are is a computer or something. XD Anyways seems to air Tuesday on spiffy so i may have to d/l it in advance of space's airing of it.

When xmas shopping this morning and got most of the big gift we do on my dad's side of the  family done. Just need a topper for it. Thank gods for xmas sales and zellers. XD

Then there's sears.... Sears saved me for hot choco / mug gift sets of which my cousins are getting. 30% off helped out a lot. We picked my this cute Snow-woman  plush at Hallmark for my niece. She lives in the Cayman islands, so really a snow-woman is best for a place w/o snow, yes?

Got a Wacom Bamboo so i now need to get myself to start drawing again. You know one of these days when i'm not dead tired before 9pm. Mind you i'm in bed around 9pm nites of sunday-thursday. It's sad i know.

Watched Un-go (cliffhanger! but loving The Novelist), Guilty Crown (because i love it), Fairy Tail, & Seikaiichi today. Need to figure out what ep i left off at for Gundam AGE. Need to catch up on Persona 4... I think i saw kimi to boku. I honestly can't remember. >___>
and anything else im supposed to be watching, im clearly not.
Tags: xmas

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