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dark-alone [userpic]

Xmas in general

December 3rd, 2011 (04:21 pm)
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I haven't gotten any cards done yet.
I feel pretty bad about it too. >___>
Will try to be productive today/nite / tomorrow...? I do have thursday off since i have to work next Saturday the 10th from 5pm - 11pm doing CIPs (wait for it... Change In Price) for shoes. The big thing will be staying awake that late. I just can't do it anymore. lol I woke up at 5:30am this morning. If that repeats next Saturday i'm screwed.

Anyways... I got a lamination machine a bit ago and so I've decided I'll attempt to make aka print off various anime images bookmark sized and make bookmarks to possibly toss in with cards. This is assuming i don't mess them up that is.

That aside i do have a few things...
Kamen rider deno Mamotaros PPP w blue coffee
Kamen rider deno Urataros PPP

Gundam SEED Destiny - Kira
Macross Frontier - Michael (have 3 of these srsly)
Macross Frontier - Ranka - school uniform
Macross Frontier - Alto - sitting

Cell charms:
Code Geass - Suzaku
Bleach - Aizen

Gintama (lots but i don't watch so i don't know their names so bare w me):
brown haired guy wearing a uniform
glasses guy with megaphone
Girl w purple umbrella
dk haired guy w purple kimono & bandages over eye
same guy as above but in a plastic bag thing...
main guy in a plastic bag

Hitman reborn - dk haired guy as a vampire
kamen rider den-o - denbu clear green
kamen rider den-o - siege clear white

If i don't hv your snail mail already pls PM it to me.