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dark-alone [userpic]

Once Upon A Time

December 12th, 2011 (06:45 am)

...is by far the best new series on TV.

I HATE the mayor/Evil Queen. I've never had so much hate for an evil character in my life.
I mean I love Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold. And he's evil. I mean he's Rumpelstiltskin!

So anyways.... my hatred continues after last nite's episode: 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter'

wherein she kills Gram! That evil stuck-up bitch!!! We find out Gram is The Huntsman that the Queen sent to kill Snow. But not being "heartless" he couldn't do it. Betrayed, the Queen took his heart so that he'd be her's forever, else she'd squeeze his heart until it turned to dust. She did this by the end of the episode. Just as Emma was putting down her wall. TT_________TT

Just before his death he remembered everything about his true life. It was so sad.


Posted by: We're only several miles from the sun (animegoil)
Posted at: December 13th, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC)

kjdhfka I STARTED WATCHING (in the middle of finals *facepalm*) And yeah, I haven't watched theh 7th epy yet (that's tonight) but UGH, THE MAYOR SUCKS, she's so evil! But they're doing such a good job with her character. I love hte backstories, and how Snow White got turned into this badass chick <3 And dkjfakd yeah. Such an excellent series - it's the ultimate fanfic XD My friend keeps getting mad cause I keep predicting the plot and the dialogue and I'm all *flips hair* "It's cause I'm a writer. We know these things" XD

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