dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

im alive

sometimes i wonder though.

I mean I had today off (I worked on Sunday and work on Saturday so only can work 5 days aka tuesday & thursday off this week).
I should also say i worked this pasty saturday too. i'm not even completely sure what day it is half of the time.

anyways I took it upon myself to try to tidy my room a bit, seeing as I have the tree in it, due to evil demon butler namesake cat, so xmas will be held in my room for the 3 of us. And it would be nice to be able to walk freely about it. And possibly have some seatage for my Mom. Just need to on the morning of move some plushies....

But what happens barely into the start of clean up? sharp pain in my left ankle/foot area... fallowed not long after by mid lvl back pain, oh yes! I strapped on my foot brace and cleaned anyway. If this continues for work tomorrow i will be drugging myself up. I didn't get any of my wrapping i have left to do done. :/

other news... watched Fright Night. More David Tennant would have been nice. I suppose I can just rewatch the ending and skip the rest. Not sure it was worth the monies. Also *gasp* Disney! How sneaky that Murder Mouse can be! After January 13th I will only be watching General Hospital on Murder Mouse's ABC. Well really City TV cuts into ABCs feed so really I don't watch anything now on ABC. *cough*assholes*coughs*

Lots of unnecessary swearing in Fright Night. I mean i realize today's American audience would be shocked if a movie or even cable tv series had zero swearing, but damn that just makes it look even dumber.

beulah_page's xmas gift arrived on friday full of win, i must say! I made the effort to wait until i got downstairs and unto irc before opening it.. well i opened the card first....

2 Hakuouki cell charms, kuroshitsuji playing cards, and oh yes! Kuroshitsuji pt 1 & 2 DVDs! Epic win! I was very happy. And what's more is I haven't even misplaced them in my room yet. I should move them to a shelf though soon or else....

FSSMWFS-xmas... and soon hopefully i'll see what the next day i work is... *passes out* I doubt i'll be working boxing day seeing as that's time & a half or whatever and there's just no way. But I wonder about our truck day. We are currently getting 2 trucks: Monday & Wednesday. but seeing as Boxing day is on a monday, i wouldn't think we'd get a truck, but who knows?

Soap relates: Sam finally told someone about her rape... other than Jason. Now she can talk about it with Michael who understands her, unfortunately TPTB decided to KO Abby (Micheal's GF) of whom i loved muchly so he's dealing with her death by freak accident (aka a crane fall on her in Chicago) so he and Sam are in Chiacgo to bring her back to Port Charles.... T_____T

I can barely watch One Life to Live w/o tears, even if it's not sad I mean... 43 years in poof! Frons kills it! Or really i should blame Murder Mouse. Those bastards! and all the simpletons who watch reality tv like mindless bots. Leaving us with shows like 'The Chew' and 'The View' and let us not forget 'The Revolution' Thanks again Disney.

EDIT: oh i decided to get the LE Final Fantasy Type-0 OST along w Sekai ichi 2's OST. There went $106 dollars...  >______>'''' oooops
Tags: tv: oltl, xmas

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