dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

i need to come back

to LJ.


Oh look it's now New Year's Eve!

I was up far too late last nite thanks to Space putting the last 3 eps of S4 of Sanctuary on far too late. asshats. I mean really WTFH?
HAD to watch the last 2 - Sanctuary For None since I knew Telsa would be in them... although NOT enough. When you wake up at 4am you don't need to be up til 12am or later. Also migraines all week and last. Yay me. But that's lead up to last nites oh great moment got that monthly friend. So Happy New Year to me!

I work monday.... ugh. 4am wake up and a family thing on Sunday so I need to be home early if i even go at this point.

for now i needs to go to Hellmart for some pads and cold meds and maybe a blu-ray if it's still there.


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