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Daily Lives of... huh?

*ahem* Daily Lives of High School Boys....

Breakfast on the run is given a new meaning...

Gun--  DAM!!!

Next... is the how do you get a girlfriend? part... and simulation...

Skirts, what do you think of them?

Hairy legs are cool!

They all went to put on a skirt but... >___>

But you look great in it!


The Telling of Ghost stories... sorta

The novelist... and random things about the wind which oddly equal the ED theme's lyrics...


Yeah I'll be watching next week. For more random things... and Sugita (glasses), Suzumura (blonde) & Irino (skirt boy)
Tags: anime: daily lives, pic spam, seiyuu: irino miyu, seiyuu: sugita tomokazu, seiyuu: suzumura kenichi

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