dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

We live in a house of cards

if just one falls we all do.

Specially so if major corporations like Disney continue to be allowed to do as the wish with no consequences.
This is why there are boycotts.

On April 14, 2011 ABC announced that All My Children & One Live to Live were both cancelled. Hoover pulled it's ads from ABC.
On September 23, 2011 AMC went dark. At this point we were being fed a lie that it would be continuing online as a web series. That a company known as Prospect Park had bought the rights to AMC & OLTL and they were moving them online, but not until January.

When a series is cancelled, it's not only the actors who no longer have jobs. I often wonder if this fact is lost on many who watch a movie for an actor or actress and think it was great just because they were in it. If there were no costume or makeup artists, do you think there would be a movie? If there were no crew of cameramen, lightning, or runners, do you think there would be a movie? No directors, writers, helpers, do you think there would be a movie? No sound editors, composers, sfx creators, a movie? What's a movie? TV? Huh? For every 1 actor there's at least 50 others behind the scenes doing everything to make it what it is. it's not the actor. 50 ppl with families. Multiply Mulitply! this is our house of cards.

On November 18, 2011 the last episode of One Live to Life was taped.
On November 23, 2011 Prospect Park announced that it would not be doing anything with either of the ABC soaps it had "rescued" at any point in time. Putting the final nail into the coffins of both shows. 

The fact that PP decided to wait til the Monday after the final episode was taped meant there was no way for OLTL to have an ending to tie up the loose ends inflicted upon it by PP's demands to line it up with the web series.

On January 13, 2012, One Live to Live aired it's final episode. The roller-coaster ride ended with just the slight bit of hope that at least some residents of the 43 yr soap opera would get to continue on for a couple of weeks on the last standing favoured soap on ABC, General Hospital, which is by all rights the worst soap on TV.

We living in this house of cards have been grinning ever so slightly at the fact that the replacement series for OLTL, The Revolution (aka The Revolt; The Revolting; The Vomit; etc) has been receiving the lowest ever rating of anything ever aired on ABC. Not even half of what OLTL used to get. But what did they expect? If 'no one is watching daytime tv' then when you take away a show ppl ARE watching and replace it with crap, why the hell would they watch the show Murder Mouse claims to be far superior to it? It's a weight loss series that follows a cooking show. WTH kind of marketing is that? (The Chew aka The Spew)

Starr, Blair, Todd, and John will be joining GH for a short period of time. Well Starr for a longer one, but we all know even w/o Murder Mouse speaking, that GH is offline come September. Starr's first  airing is the week of the 20th; Todd & Blair - 27th; John in March...

I've been boycotting Murder Mouse since May 2011.
With the exception of buying Fright Night for David Tennant and being clueless that touchstone is Disney.
I bought Castle in the Sky today, but we all know they pay royalties to the real owners of that movie.
And Once Upon A Time i've been watching.. on CTV.

So when asked: Why do you buy anime? I support what I like. By supporting that I support the medium and those that work for all connected to it. You want to stay employed? Please think about people who can eat because of what you buy. We are all linked whether you are aware of it or not. If you cannot do this much, you don't deserve the job you keep. If you think people should keep you in your job, but not them in there's you do not deserve it.

Also boycotting CAT - Caterpillar, giving insects a bad name since 1925."

This is our house of cards.
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