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Date Masamune - Brave10 - Vector by ~headstro on deviantART

Guess I didn't post this here yet. >__>

Currently vectoring Andy W. Hole from Aquarion EVOL ED Illustration. That was another "fun" decision. And possibly spoilery pick.

Guilty Crown. u____u
It's gonna be one of those Depresso Heartbreaking endings. 3 eps remaining.
Well see baby Shu next week and hoping learn more about his father....
Audio clipped the last 5m30secs of ep 19, it was that good.
side note: i have not played Skyrim in 2 ws or so. D:
Tags: anime: brave10, anime: guilty crown, chara: andy w hole, chara: date masamune, chara: ouma shu, graphics: vector

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