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Got my Izaya figure on Monday from amiami

I love him!
Pre-ordered Shizuo from amiami now...

So at work today.... Found out that Farah wrote up a letter of Harassment on Cynthia and give it the store manager Stacey.  Wait! it gets better... She's also going to talk to Kim on Monday when she gets back from her holidays... She's got something bad to say to Kim about every single one of us!

What a backstabbing piece of shit BITCH.

I only work 3hrs tomorrow, but will try to talk to Heidi, she's the department head for Housewares. Will need to talk to Anne-Marie on Monday. She's had issues/concerns about Farah.

Want to know why F feels this level of harassment that needs there to be a letter? This week both Kim (our manager) and Carmen the ISM (in-store Marketer) for Ladies-wear had it off. So Jane (VP - Visual Presentation Person) was the boss. We get 3 trucks per week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; Well she had Cynthia & Farah in Ladies-wear. Now Cynthia knowing the groupings of the lines the best, and wanting to keep things in order while Carmen was away, decided to take it upon herself to be the one to put out the stock. Farah however has decided that this action prevented her from doing her job....

You know I got a 5min rundown on the situation outside of the store after work, will need to get more info tomorrow. WTF is wrong with this person? She was STARING at us all as we tried to talk to Jane on our way out. Stalker nut job like.

What pisses me off most about her is she doesn't listen. You tell her not to do something 50 times and she still does it. You tell her that EAS tags need to be placed on certain merch and she may do it, but she'll cover up the text that tells you the kind of flatware etc that it is. Then later when confronted about it, she'll say she didn't do it. Afterwards she'll ask someone what you were talking about. -____________________________-

Kokobe told us we wouldn't need need printer packs with our pricing guns on Tuesday, so naturally she took one.

But really how stupid can you be to back-stab everyone you work with, and still expect them to work with you...?
Thank gods i get a day w/o her, tomorrow.
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