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Oh where to start. Obsessions can be funny as they tend to lead you down places you might not of normally gone. They may also be deadly apparently, but I'm not that far gone yet. I'm obsessed with selected composers. I've picked show to watched based on this fact. Alternatively I've been caught watching something and thinking: 'this sounds like so & so' or 'this is music like in ____'

Music & Songs

Music is something that doesn't have lyrics. It doesn't need any to be perfect. A song has lyrics. (<-- this is so you can follow along with me later. best write some quick notes) Music is something I could not live without. It's a part of me. It's dramatic; it's sad; it's scary; creepy; funny; grin-able! It's so enjoyable it makes you want to hum along and make up words to describe its awesomeness. Even if Fire Fox does not.

Some of my favourite Composers are:
Sawano Hiroyuki
Murray Gold
Hans Zimmer *
Kanno Yoko **
Danny Elfman (there said it)

* Composers like: Steve Jablonsky have worked under Hans Zimmer, and you can tell easily by hearing pieces they've done in films. For example those American Transformers films. Hans ZImmer worked with Mark Mancina for the Blood+ OSTs (2006 Japanese Animation series) while Mancina is the one credited solely for composing and Zimmer as Producer. But you can hear the influence easily enough. Which is why I had a hard time paying attention to the actual movie Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in the theatre. I wanted to go home and just watch Blood+. XD Mancina also did the music for August Rush. Helping to make that one of my favourite English language movies.

** Kanno-sensei has been at times under fire for "ripping off" other composers. The thing here is... everybody does it. We've got American singers "sampling" songs in their songs to get rich and famous, and yet no one cares. Kanno pulls together pieces from here, here and there to make composition piece for an epic space battle and you get everyone yelling and screaming and making a huge fuss over it. But if it's some rapper "Sampling" while making it cool to rape and kill women that's all so cool. You can't have it both ways.

Sometimes when composing music for a series or movie you must have lyrics. Sometimes the addition of this adds just enough to make it better, while not taking away from the actual Soundtrack.

Hans Zimmer with Lisa Gerrard is a good example of how this works well. The Gladiator, 2000 film directed by Ridley Scott, starring Russel Crowe (and featuring the late Richard Harris and Oliver Reed) featured pieces like: 'Elysium', 'Honour Him' and 'Now We Are Free' to name of few with Gerrad singing, none of which take away from the movie or the era of which it is set in. There is no point to having a "soundtrack" that's full of rock or rap music for a movie like this. That is not a Soundtrack, it's a mixed CD of music from various artists shoved in the faces of idiots to buy. Then if we the true music fans are lucky enough we may get a CD labeled "The Score" with the real Soundtrack on it. No worries with this one however.

Murray Gold. Who? You might be asking right about now.... Well Doctor Who says it all. Never really took an interest in this long running series before of after it's break, but randomly watched one of the Specials with the 10th Doctor (The Next Doctor) and got myself hooked on it and David Tennant (but that's another topic for another time). Then there's the music, and the point of this entry, I can't get enough of it! Check my last.fm page (add me if you like).  It's just so fitting and the way he talks about how he added this and that to here and there, is definitely worth a watch. Melanie Pappenheim is featured in several tracks like "Doomsday" with a haunted voice that stays with you.

ok this is all i can do for now. Feels like i've been tyoing this for hours, and i think i have lol

ack! Sawano Hiroyki I have to shout out to him and his total awesomeness and use of not only lyrical pieces but multi-lanaguges! English, German, quite possibility french, and of course Japanese. Introducing us to artists such as: Kobasyashi Mika, mpi, Aimee Blackschleger & David Whitaker to name a few.
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