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working a bit lately. I don't think I've worked this many full shifts ever before. And it's all really funny, since apparently there's no money for payroll....

next week it's 6am - 2pm Monday - Friday.
this week it was 8am - 2pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & 6am-12pm Friday. That Tuesday off was awesome.

Lord & Taylor is supposed to be doing our schedules starting May 1st. So my hours were to be Mon, Wed & Thurs: 8am-11am & Fridays: 6-9am.. must have got lost in the mail.... I'll enjoy a fat paycheck at least. I suppose.

100things... srsly i'm gonna do more i swear! I just suck at free time. It's actually bedtime now.

Thinking about getting a handheld scanner... just not sure about the quality of such a thing, specially if i'm paying over $100 for it.
How is it that printers are so cheap these days, but scanners just keep going up in price? why is that?

Bought "lost girl" season 1 on DVD this week. Top seller on amazon.ca as well, tho i got mine from best buy, for well, the best buy of $24.99. I've watched 3/4 discs already too. >____>''''

laters, hopefully.
also hoping im not getting a cold...
Tags: life

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