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So if things really do come in 3s (and this is a proven fact for me at least) what's in store for Toronto next?

Friday Union Station was flooded. That's the subway btw. I believe they got well over 50mm of rain in a very short amount of time which caused the sewers/drains to back up. Water was flowing down the stairs like a water fall.

Saturday about 6:30pm at Toronto's famous Eaton Centre a gunman opened fire in the newly renovated food court located on the lower level. 8 victims; 1 believed to be the intended target was killed.
Canada's also been in the news with that Montreal murder where Luka Magnotta (reportedly been spotted in Paris) dismembered the body of his victim, 33 yr old Jun Lin (from China here as a student), and mailed parts of his body to members of the government, before fleeing the country. Magnotta is in the porn business (i'm not saying that this explains anything it's just a general statement of wtf is happening to the world!? confusion-isms). He's got a wiki page as well.....

the zombie Apocalypse is starting in Miami however and not Canada... google that one yourselves.

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