dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

PS: Thanks Canadian Psycho

i'm sure that's what the webmaster of Best Gore is thinking right now.

Not only did the fact that he posted "1 Lunatic 1 Icepick" (and no I've not watched it) on his site, but thanks to that fact Luka Magnotta was ID'ed as the killer. But now because of the fact that he posted said video, this glorious country wishes to prosecute him for it. If he hadn't posted the vid and had members email him asking if the "killer" could be Magnotta, the cops would still be clueless.

He's now wishing he lived in Germany.... I wish I lived in another country too at times. He's been flooded with emails from reporters etc. Emails from Germans thanking him for having the video up and for everything else that came about from it, like for example knowing who the murderer was.

I used to go to a 'gore' site. It may have even been this one, I can't recall. The videos were always pretty gruesome and real. Everything was actual events, no movie stuff. Completely real-life accidents etc that were pretty gross.

The Toronto Police department was alerted to the fact that BestGore.com had ID'ed Magnotta as the killer, but they dismissed the claims, and said that the video was made using special effects... omg IDIOTS!  Besides everybody knows Toronto's cops are dirty.

xnite also has '1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick' up and yet i don't hear anyone wanting to charge him. Perhaps, since BestGore already ID'ed Magnotta (and did the job for the police) it's ok for xnite to host the video...? Excuse me? What's that?

I apologize for my earlier entry about thanking Miami for the start of the Zombie Apocalypse due to some new kind of LSD, since apparently thanks to the Canadian Psycho, we get that title as well. 
I have Zombie fear, and thusly cannot watch anything with zombies. They freak me out. So this basically means Cannibalistic tendencies is also a no-no for me. So as the twitter-verse rejoices at the possibility of the start of  the Zombie Apocalypse (also helping to prove the fact, that many non twitter uses know already, that twitter is powers by idiots) I'll be happy to not see it.

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