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ugh tired so very tired...

it's weird. i take a week off and return for a week and i already feel so tired.
still moving shit around in housewares. i'm sick of it.
apparently there's a blitz happening in July for housewares.. like excuse me, but what the fuck?
Enough is enough. Talk about a waste of time.

Full shifts again next week, safe for Friday just a 6-12 shift, thank god.

my dad's coming down tomorrow, so it's great that all parts of his b-day gift are here. Will pick up a 6-pack of Canadian tomorrow as well. As a father's day throw in.

got a small army of blu-rays piling up thanks to sales. -____-
Back to the Future trilogy for $24.99... Jurassic Park Trilogy for $24.99
Transporter 1 & 2 and well Jumper since the 3 were $17.99.... while 1 & 2 w/o jumper would have cost $14.99
bought the combo for Expendables, since my mom wanted to see it. First thing i've ever seen with Jason Statham, hence the transporter buy...
also The Bank Job since it was $5...
also picked up RED for $10... keeping mind i've never seen any of these movies....
Crank was also $5 at walmart.... so now i have like 5 Statham movies now.... all of a sudden. Also picked up LOST S4 on DVD for my Mom @ $19.99

now to find the time to watch them... and read Battle Royale... ugh.


My Mary Anne was on holidays this week, me last week.... however she got attacked by a neighbour's dog!
it went for her face so she block with her arm,, and it also got her ribs... she had to go to the ER twice. The next day since red lines appeared and that could mean an infection. She had gone over to the neighbour's place to she how the lady there was doing. She had just found out she has Cancer. Apparently her husband had to come out and pull the dog off of Mary Anne. She's sore, but plans on coming into work on Monday, but won't be able to do too much physical things.

like omg...
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