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Does anyone know what's up with PASH!?
Usually it's a every other release month magazine.
However come july 10th.... it's August issue will come out... I just got the July issue... which was released in June (this month)

I was thinking about skipping a j-mag order this month... however I never skip on the PASH! j-mag...


I spent $91 at Hellmart yesterday...
I did get The Vampire Diaries S1 & S2 on Blu-ray for $24 each.
Tale Spin volume 2 - $10
Tale of Despereaux - $5 (this one for my Mom)
Are you afraid of the dark combo - $10

the last one was a terrible movie & a complete waste of $10 / 1.5 hrs. The only likeable character was killed off. >___<
The father and kid couldn't possibly have been more stupid. the kid starts off completely unlikeable, but later improves only to get hit by the "stupidity" bug, a possible dormant gene inherited via her useless stupid father. And to top it all of it wasn't even in the least bit scary or even creepy. American films seem to feel the need to put some gory / gross scenes to start off their "horror" films, and then fail to impress later on at all. FYI a gross scene doesn't = scary. And if it doesn't improve the story or film don't put it in. Also the music was horrible.
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