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Aurora, Colorado

Time has come to post something about this.
I first heard about it at work from a co-worker... just before 6am on Friday. So when I got home, I turned on the telly and then hit up twitter and google news.

The victims in this senseless tragedy (in order of age):

Gordon W. Cowdon, 52
Rebecca Ann Wingo, 32
Sgt. Jesse E. Childress, 29
John T. Larimer, 27
Matthew R. McQuinn, 27
Alex M. Sullivan, 27
Jonathan T. Blunk, 26
Jessica N. Ghawi, 24
Alexander C. Teves, 24
Micayla C. Medek, 23
Alexander J. Boik, 18
Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6

This was a midnight showing, that was meant to be a fun time.

Alex Sullivan was there with friends to ring in his 27th birthday. (twitter)

Veronica Moser was there with her Mom, Ashley Moser, whom is in critical condition with gunshot wounds to the throat and abdomen. She's in and out of consciousness, and according to her great-aunt Annie Dalton, keeps asking about her daughter, but they can't tell her, because she's in critical condition.

I'd like to point you to Jessica's brother, Jordon's site. He's been actively & bravely speaking for and with the families of the other victims, and trying to shoulder a lot of the media so that they can get some peace to come to term with what has happened.

Jessica herself had been in the Eaton Centre in Toronto the the day of the shooting there. She was in the food court just minutes before it happened. She expressed that she had gotten a bad feeling, and decided to leave. (read her blog about it here)  It's beyond words, to "escape" one tragedy to only fall into another and be killed. She too was excited to see the movie as can be seen on her twitter.

John Larimer was a Navy cryptologist from the Buckley Air Force Base. John was from Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Sgt. Jesse Childress an Air Force reservist, worked at Buckley. He was a cyber-systems operator from Thornton, Colorado.

Alexander J. Boik was from Aurora, his family held a vigil for him on Saturday.

Gordon Cowden was from Aurora, his family chose to not speak with the media at this time.

Jonathan Blunk of Aurora, severed in the Navy between 2004 & 2009. He was going to re-enlist to try to become a Navy SEAL.

Rebecca Ann Wingo had started a new job several months ago as a customer relations representative for a medical company.

Alexander C. Teves had just graduated from the University of Denver with a Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology.

Matthew McQuinn had gone to the movie with his girlfriend and her brother. He actually drove infront of Samantha and shielded her from the shooter. Samantha Yowler was shot in the knee, but is recovering. Her Brother Nick Yowler, was not injured. Both Matthew & Samantha worked/work at Target.

Micayla Medek was from Aurora and attending the movie with a group of friends. She worked at a Subway store.


The shooter was armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun & a Glock .40-caliber handgun. In his car the police found another Glock .40-caliber handgun.

RIP: Gordon Cowdon, Rebecca Wingo, Jesse Childress, John  Larimer, Matthew McQuinn, Alex Sullivan, Jonathan  Blunk, Jessica  Ghawi, Alexander  Teves, Micayla  Medek, Alexander Boik, Veronica Moser-Sullivan
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