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First off I have msn... use: x_unmei  add: @hotmail.com
2ndly screw irc. I'm done with it. If you know who 'Sinistra' is you can thank him for it.


Non-spoiler: Nodame. I love this show. It's great. And it's funny. Nice upbeat show that isn't sad at all.
Where the hell is Ghost Hunt's ep?!? I want!

Shounen Onmyouji 21
OMFG. I knew something bad would happen but-- but-- T___________T  It's like he, he being Guren, didn't even know who Masahiro was!  So even before the halfway mark i was crying. Still am a little, since i just finished watching it. OMFG.

La Corda #... um...
well she's gonna play the violin again. finally. So now can all the boys cheer up too?

Oh! Kyoshiro! I need to watch it with subs! lolz, i just remembered. lolz

Oh wait there's another one... vampire?
D.Gray-man  ♥ Allen & Lavi
Komui & Reever appearances as well
I was a tad confused while watching this one, but just seeing Allen & Lavi's expressions was well worth it. XD

I think i may make this journal friends only soon. dunno why, just feeling like it needs to be done, :/

PS: thank you very very much for um... the 'secret' thing, soubi_no_kissu listening to it right now ^_^
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