dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

30 days of Seiyuu Meme

Leave it to the_firefly to have a meme for me to grab.... no promises if i'll complete it or not though. lol

Day 01: Your favourite male seiyuu:
Day 02: Your least favourite male seiyuu:
Day 03: Your favourite female seiyuu:
Day 04: Your least favourite female seiyuu:
Day 05: A seiyuu you’d watch in anything:
Day 06: A seiyuu that always makes you laugh:
Day 07: The seiyuu you find easiest to recognize:
Day 08: The seiyuu you find hardest to recognize:
Day 09: A seiyuu you’d rather not watch in anything:
Day 10: A seiyuu that creeps you out:
Day 11: The seiyuu with the best singing voice:
Day 12: A favorite picture of a seiyuu:
Day 13: The seiyuu you’d pick to play you:
Day 14: Your favorite role from your favorite male seiyuu:
Day 15: Your favorite role from your favorite female seiyuu:
Day 16: The seiyuu with the worst singing voice:
Day 17: The series with the best cast overall:
Day 18: A series you would not have watched had a seiyuu you liked not played a role in it:
Day 19: The first seiyuu you remember liking:
Day 20: A seiyuu you don’t like as much as others do:
Day 21: The seiyuu with the most acting range:
Day 22: The seiyuu with the least acting range:
Day 23: Cool dude seiyuu:
Day 24: A seiyuu you make fun of:
Day 25: A seiyuu that makes you like any character they portray:
Day 26: A seiyuu you’d hang out with:
Day 27: Best seiyuu match-ups:
Day 28: Best seiyuu match-ups, romance edition:
Day 29: Your least favourite seiyuu ever:
Day 30: Your favourite seiyuu ever:

Day 01: Your favourite male seiyuu:

I think it will always most likely be Yoshino Hiroyuki. Until he does even less vocing and I'm left with nothing. This season there are a few for me to watch at least.
However I have many many favs others include: Nakamura Yuuichi, Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi, Sakurai TakahiroIshida Akria
Tags: meme, seiyuu

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