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i was...

doing some sort of meme thing.. right? well I was looking at it last week end and thought ;these are kind of stupid' and just stopped. lol
I have a short attention span.

So now that that's been said... I finished this vector after delaying it...

Jolly - Arcana Famiglia - Vector by ~headstro on deviantART

Got The Vampire Diaries s3 BD & DVD combo this week for $48.49 CAD. Why they think we need combo packs just cuz we have BD players I'll never know. But my Mom gets the DVDs. ANime wise I just have doubles. -____-

Also Clusters' part 1 came out this week, and lovelss vol 9... and hakushaku to yousei vol 3.... so many monies in one week...

replaying Dragon Age.... may need to replay it again as a woman... and a human just to open up new doors.... maybe. Might want to retry DA 2 as a mage.... to get Carver for a bit.
Tags: anime: arcana famiglia, tv: vampire diaries

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