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Aww, crap.

Please refer to my first post of the day for lighter, flufflier things.

I did it again!
So much for blindly going into the unknown, with Ghost Hunt.
Note to self: "Do not read posts by people who say the are new to the series' <-- those people are evil! Evil I say!

Also newly added Ghost Hunt to my site, located under supernatural. However soon do not click on Naru's bio for I plan on completely using all info i just fell on and throwing it in there. These are major spoilers. MAJOR.  Also the manga in Japan is up to volume 9... so why not give us more eps?  The final FILE is vol 5, btw.  GIVE ME MORE EPISODES. I bet they won't even bring this 'issue' up at all. -_-v
Tags: anime: ghost hunt, ashita he

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