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I'm really enjoying this series. ann.com lists it for 22 eps, but they are often wrong, so who knows at this point.
I've pre-ordered EGOIST's Single (ED theme btw)

I won't say too much here....

So Kogami used to be an Inspector, but tried to "understand" the mind of a Psychopath too much and thus his Psycho-Pass activated and he was demoted to an Enforcer! So I didn't see that one coming, however I did think that he thought like a cop and dressed like one. But this brought me to the opening of the first ep, where I had originally thought it was the ending of the series, but now I'm thinking it could be the end of he Inspector days.... who knows. I mean he never wears different clothes...

anyways loving this one for: SekiTomo, Ishida Akira, Sakurai "BadAss" Takahiro, Nojima Kenji. Koyasu....
Mizushima Takahiro was in it for eps 4-5 He was crazy.... That's Rollo for you Code Geass ppls.

Nojima & Sakurai were both in Innocent Venus... as the main 2 guys. This time SekiTomo gets to take on crazy Sakurai. Let's see how this one ends, shall we?

Tags: anime: psycho pass, seiyuu: ishida akira, seiyuu: koyasu takehito, seiyuu: nojima kenji, seiyuu: sakurai takahiro, seiyuu: seki tomokazu

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