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I just watched One Missed Call.
For a movie that is just under 2 hrs long... i was not bored once! I only checked the time to see how much time was left for the out come!
Now I haven't been freaked out by a movie so much since i was like 5 yrs old!
Is this the time to develop a fear of my cellphone? No. Well maybe if it started ringing using that ring tone. *shudders*
And to top it all off, now it's bedtime!
No i'm not afraid of nightmares... really I'm not. I don't dream, if anything it's nightmares. Not that i'm scared tho, more of a depressing feeling is what i get from them.  I used to dream about these creatures that i guess lived in the dark shadows of my Grandma's house & in the barn at night.  These creatures would kill each and everyone of my family, and i'd be alone in the light of the living room.  And I knew I had to go to the barn, but I never got there. Not once. But what if I had got to the barn? What if that was where I was supposed to go to be safe? What if they hadn't been killed, they just knew enough to get to safety? What if's will kill you.  A dream is just a dream.  Even if I had it a few dozen times, right?

But that movie creeped me out in more then one place, as well as surprised me, which is a rare thing.
Thank you Takashi Miike for a wonderful horror. I forgive you for Audition, tho i really should finish watching the end, since I fell asleep and missed it.

PS: I love my icon... I should make it the default one.

edit: i just looked the movie up on futureshop (Canadian, eh?) and on feb 27th One Missed Call Pack comes out! $34.99
I want! So that's
ONE MISSED CALL and ONE MISSED CALL 2! 4 discs... >.>
Tags: dreams, j-horror

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