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OLDCODEX's album: CONTRAST SILVER is awesome. I remember when it first listed on CDJapan and I thought: 'I need to order this' but than I forgot. -__-''''
I've got it ordered now, but it's holiday time so will be late January or early Feb before I see that one. Grabbed it yesterday. Absolutely love it. FYI.

Favs (excluding previously released songs) Know orange, Achromatic habit & garden gate. This is not limited to those 3. I love the whole thing.

Avril Lavigne has two cover songs on the One Piece Film Z OST. One is new (to me at least) 'How You Remind Me' by Nickelback; It's not bad, but 15% rock. I'd recommend the Original, of course.

I've pre-ordered EGOIST's 2nd ED for Psycho-Pass, the LE one with the DVD, god knows it'll go Out of Print in record time again. Do not regret grabbing the first one one bit. Maybe we'll get more Redjuice art as well. Psycho-Pass returns January 9th with episode 12 & the new ED. Time to catch up if you need to.

I've pre-ordered "Inuyasha: The Complete Movie Collection [Blu-ray]" 2 disc set with the movies, will free up a 4 DVD spot and my Anime section. (yes I have an Anime section). It will take up a BD spot however though. But it look nice beside my Final Act BDs.

Got a PS3 for xmas. So naturally I got Final Fantasy XIII & FF XIII-2. I'm nothing if not predictable. I'm at chapter 9 in FF XIII. Good thing I already had the OSTs. >__>

ANd now back to trying to stay awake for the New Year and calendar changingness.
Tags: anime: psycho pass, music: egoist, music: oldcodex

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