dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

My last remaining Grand-parent is gone

We had My Grandma's funeral today. She was in her 79th year. Exactly 20 yrs older than my parents. This is my Dad's Mom.
I haven't had my big cry yet. I even managed to make it through the service without much tears. My right eye did tear up with one tear that didn't really go anywhere.
I also couldn't bring myself to get up close to the coffin, just couldn't do it. I circle around a few times and got sorta close but then turned away every time.

She was a huge believer in reincarnation. She could remember clearly her last life, and how much she didn't want to leave it. She felt pulled away from it and then reborn into this one. I suppose right now she's someone baby.

I don't know.

Lorna Jean (Brown) Maw
July 29th, 1934 - February 10th 2013


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