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dark-alone [userpic]

MediaFire Strikes

February 17th, 2013 (04:13 pm)
music: AFI - Endlessly, She Said | Powered by Last.fm

Got 2 strikes this week.
Also signed up at Mega lets see how that goes.

What got strikes on MF were:
Character Song DVD Vol 4.rar
[Zero-Raws] Hakushaku to Yousei Vol. 1 - Creditless Opening (DVD 720x480 XviD+MP3).avi
I looked at my files and deleted a few things. Honestly tho, why now all of a sudden to delete these 2? I'm not even sure what the first one was.

Need to revive my site as well. Poor thing. But first need to recover from this sickness, my grandma's passing and whatever else that's ailing me.
Life sucks.

Also trying out Google Chrome since it's really the only thing that works with Mega.

But hey i have chrome, PS, Dreamweaver, FTP, WinRAR, and mirc all open... also newly installed Skype & foobar for my tunes