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No.6 vol 6

Just so everyone knows, vol 6 SP LE will include a drama CD
NO.6 6 [Special Edition] w/ CD (Premium KC) [Manga (Comics)]

I almost didn't see this one, and ordered the regular edition. Got CDJapan to remove that item. I always get the SP editions, specially with the NA ones started to be released soon.

Also ordered PSYCHO-PASS Vol.5 (*First Press Bonus) & 2 "K" clear files. Vol5 comes with the 2nd OST
pre-ordered Karneval (English Subtitles) 1 [w/ CD, Limited Edition] [Blu-ray]

Currently i'm only managing to watch Psycho-Pass, and I'm feeling pretty bad about that. Hopefully Spring anime will help kick start me again.

March is a month of releases for me. Psycho-Pass OP2 & ED2 come out the same day. aimer's Gundam UC single, and of course No.6 6

NA wise InuYasha final act part 2 just was released. Tiger & Bunny pt 1 this coming tuesday. Pt 2 is up on amazon.ca for pre-order now. Tokyo Mag 8.0, Yakumo, Hakuoki OVAs, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Set 1 [Blu-ray], Trigun, Inuyasha Movie collection BD... it's an ever growing list.
Pre-ordered fringe season 5 on BD.

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