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dark-alone [userpic]


February 23rd, 2013 (03:28 pm)
music: U-KISS - Distraction+ | Powered by Last.fm

just shared my Psycho-pass Radio CD on hibiki. It's been awhile since i've been able to share anything, as I get my copies well after most people. Friends of me can find it before this post.
Got my big Dominator screen cleaner as well. It's awesome. Sold Out in most locations as well.

I'm starting to get really (more so) sucked into these Utopian society sci-fi anime series. Like NO.6 for example. And now Psycho-Pass.

well whatever.

we were in hellmart and they had v-day flowers for $2. So we got some. Red carnations in a glass vase w a little bear - $2 can't go wrong. Potted Kalanchoe & mini roses - $2 each. healthy too. Score. 'cept out floweriest Sebby-chan wants to eat and drool over the roses. Damned cat.