dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

and so it continues

Carmen, the friend from work, who left to have her surgery for rectal cancer.... the surgery went well enough at the time, however she must now go though 6 months of chemo.

she can't eat anything with an encasing like oranges, lemons, beans. She cannot not eat any raw vegetables (no salads! she loves those, as do i.). Anything with seeds: raspberries, grapes. Beef. Beer. no grainy foods: whole grain bread, pastas. She can eat white bread, and normal pasta. They want to give here the immune boast but only if her Husband's plan will cover it. Then it'll be $2500, else $10,000 and that's a pass. If her temp is above 38.6c she has to go to the hospital, or it could be fatal. They are hoping to be able to slip a trip to Mexico during march break, but that all depends on the Doctors. Her friend Nancy is officially Cancer-free. Here's hoping she'll be able to do the same soon.

Sorry just wanted to type up some of this stuff.

August or September or later before she returns to work. Also when she would return she has to take her 3 weeks of vacation right away.

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