dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,


A Got my Blu-Ray Drive to work today.
One must savoir small victories. And jump up and down for huge ones...

Why huge? Cuz it's one thing to install a blu-ray drive and have it acknowledge blu-rays within it, but a completely different thing for it to actually play a BD.

So i'm stating it now: "I am victorious!'

Having dual monitors makes it also awesome. Yeah got a 2nd monitor last weekend at the same time as the BD drive. But didn't get the BDD to work until today, and then i find out a friend who got his at xmas time still hasn't got it to playing BDs yet. @____@ And he's far more tech savvy then I am.

Got my first package from RightStuf via FedEX. what a pain in the ass. They do not leave anything at the door. So I had to go down to the far side of the city to pick it up. And then after bringing with me photo id aka my passport the lady's like: i need something with your address on it. me: wtf? fucking asses, i mean the post office doesn't need a bill with an address on it. She did give it to me in the end.

So i now have season 3 of Natsume.

Just 2 more eps of Psycho-Pass left. We've got an anti-hero, been awhile since i've had one of those, really. So you can't pick one over the other no matter what.... i guess. My fav #1 got k/oed already so.... haha i got the worst luck when it comes to character survival.

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