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  • Tue, 15:18: enjoying #oltl passing on #amc. seems too focused on kids who were 2 yrs old the last time i saw them. I don't know them nothing invested
  • Tue, 15:20: the new op for #oltl the music is horrid. just a piano piece would have been fine. but this is snoop dog what else but crap could he do?
  • Tue, 15:21: i also haven't watched #gh in 2 weeks. #abc nu lulu is awful. skip.
  • Tue, 15:28: on the news last nite CITY they actually mentioned the return of #oltl & #amc I was shocked, but happy. pimped @fxcanada
  • Tue, 15:29: mom: 'the cameras are weird.' me: 'just pretend you are really there.' #amc #motionsickness
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