dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Dealing with Paradoxes and lack there of

the "50th" (i mean come on it's not really 50, they weren't on the air for awhile there srsly wtf?) Ani speical of Doctor Who. Damn it's a tv show!
Let's look at it like manga to anime. You can't please everyone, and you shouldn't bother trying.

Matt Smith is The Doctor currently. That's that.
Yes, my Doctor is DT; and yes i'll be getting him in this special. But pls remember that there is that half human; half time-lord that lives with Rose in the alt reality, so this makes him the only possible other "Doctor" that could appear in the speical. (but the 11th doctor doesn't follow the rules anyway so... and that pisses me off)

Or hey. damn maybe there will be other past doctors, but they are keepig it a secret? actors cannot say they are in something when told not to say anything. but really who cares?

and no i never watched the original series, but when you have just 1 channel and it's the local one you clearly aren't gonna see much. I'd prolly not have watched it anyway. (keeping in mind i wasn't alive in 1963; my Aunt Karen was though. B-day's the 10th of May)

But you don't mess with John Hurt.

DT is the son-in-law of the 5th Doctor that should count for something.

/end of cheery rant
(i'm in mellow who cares, why be a ranty bastard bitch for no reason mode. Like yesterday at work Kyle was in such a bad mood... but i digress)
Tags: actor: david tennant, rant

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