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spaaaaaaaaaaaaam srsly BL meme

I noticed anjichan did this so...

001. What is your username and today's date?
dark_alone | May 11, 2013 (it may be the 12th before im done this)

002. How old are you, approximately?

003. Who are your favorite BL Mangakas?
Tateno Makoto
Yoo Hajin
Kouga Yun

004. What are some good BL mangas you've read lately?
nothing. i know it's bad of me.

005. Do you prefer serious or comedy?

006. Name a manga that made you cry?
Pretty sure Negai kanae Tamae made me cry... of course it was in RAW and i was listening to the drama CD at the time, does that still count? lol
Let Dai by Won Sooyeon
Boku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai by Homerun Ken

007. Name a manga that made you laugh?
umm dunno. I tend to end up liking the more depresso ones >__>''''

008. What kind of Seme characters do you like?
depends on the chara, plot/story, the drawings.... no pref?

009. What kind of Uke characters do you like?
as long as they are likeable that's all that matters.

010. What kind of Seme character do you DISLIKE?

011. What kind of Uke characters do you DISLIKE?

012. What kind of setting is a turn on?
oh these Qs... anything?

013. What kind of setting is a turn off?

014. What do you think about mangas that don't have any "H" aspects?
doesn't matter to me. I don't read BL for H scenes, but for the story/charas

015. Do you like Younger semes?
doesn't matter

016. Do you like clumsy, cowardly semes?
Yuusuke would probably fall into this catergory, so i guess i do. Despite Fukami being in the mob and all "grrr" Yuusuke is the seme in Negai kanae Tamae. I thought i was finally gonna get Yocchin as a seme too. u__u

017. Do you like school settings?

018. Do you like macho men?

019. Do you like long-haired guys?
apparently... sometimes

020. Do you like girly boys?

020. Do you like S&M stories?
Ai no Kusabi.. so that's a "yes" apparently.

021. What mangaka's H scenes do you really like?
like i said im in it for the story not the sex so none?

022. Is there an H scene you particularly liked?

023. What is a turn on in an H scene?

024. Are you okay with realistically drawn H scenes?

025. In manga H scenes, what positions do you like most?

026. What do you think of masochists?
they can be fun. I did really like Kamanosuke in Brave 10. Masochists can have good chara development and make good storylines. srsly

027. What do you think about leg hair?
these Qs really...

028. What about armpit hair?
who cares?

029. What about pubic hair?

030. Do you read BL novels?
i can't. lol I've tried tho.

031. Do you listen to BL drama CDs?

032. Who are you favorite BL seiyuus?
Konishi Katsuyuki
Suzumura Kenichi
Nakamura Yuuichi

033. Are there any manga besides BL that you enjoy?
la corda
ao no ex
Jack Frost
uraboku... tho it's...

034. Did you ever have non-canon pairings for the above manga?
don't be silly.... of course not.... >_> <_<
>_____>''''' *cough*

035. Do you fantasize about real people?
not often

036. Have you ever played BL games?

037. How long have you been a fujoshi?
apparently never... had to look up that word.... and my anwser is: 'i have no clue' lol

038. What triggered you into becoming a fujoshi?

039. What makes you feel like you are a fujoshi?
nothing? never heard this word before now....

040. What is your fetish?
shiny things? although i don't think that's what this Q meant.

041. If you see BL manga magazines, what kind of description would make you want to purchase it?
Cover art only.

042. Do you have any friends who are fujoshi in real life?

043. Do you have interest in the real gay world?

044. Have you ever seen gay porn or magazines?

045. Do you buy the comics? Or do you only read magazines?
for what gay porn? im so confused right now. comics? what comics? there's gay porn comics? @___@

046. Tell us why, and if you do buy magazines, which ones do you read?
serials? magazines are PASH!! or Animage etc. wait what? they don't call them "Serials" anymore? *feels old*
BL only or? well rarely get them but a few: Asuka, G-Fantasy, Beans, zero-sum, lala

047. What's a label you read most from?
no clue

048. Can you read BL manga openly in a bookstore?
shrink wrapped, so that's a negative. lol.

049. Where do you buy your BL manga?
Amazon, CDJapan, Chapters, Neo Tokyo

050. On average, how much do you spend on BL manga a month?
dunno. varies too

051. Do you buy based on the cover?
oddly plot. which is funny since i don't pick anime by plot lol

052. Is there a Mangaka whose works you will buy without fail?
doubtful... well not BL but I seem to like Sugisaki Yukiru...

053. Do you like or dislike it when a female appears in a BL manga?
as much as i love them in anime.... *coughs*

054. In school settings, what's a club activity you like for the setting?
drama. no not really. I don't think i've experinced a club in any-- wait there was that "art" thing in "Boku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai" but that was just the teacher and Kei.

055. How about cosplaying in stories?
why would-- oh like "role playing" it's not the same thing. But also not in anything i've read.

056. Are there any uniforms or clothing that is a turn on?

057. Gakuran or Blazer?
umm.. what? fashion Qs are lost on me. lol

058. How about incest?
not too much. a couple tho. gomen!

059. Do you like reversible uke/semes?
kawaii devil? lol tho that's not exactly what's going on...

060. What about animal sex?
this thing is... im getting sweepy...

061. What's a location for good H scenes?
anywhere? so it would seem.

062. Do you prefer rough, REAL art, or pretty and elegant art?
im having a hard time understanding the current topic in this Qs... it's 1am i'm sweepy...

063. What kind of underwear do you prefer to see?
should have called this the pervert meme. they should undies in BL manga? Fukami couldn't even wear a towel. srsly.

064. Do you have any height preferences?

065. Do you like two old guys together?
define "old"

066. What about old guys being the uke and young guys being the seme?
age is meaningless...to a point

067. What about Shota?
Boku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai & then there's the topic of "LOVELESS" although it's not crossed that line.. yet.

068. What about gang bangs?
There was one of those in Let Dai. altho it involved a girl.... just not my thing.

069. Name a Seme character you thought was really hot and why.
Mookyul from Totally Captivated - i might have a thing for the mob... as long as their gay.
Sawada from Hero Heel

070. Name an Uke character you really liked and why.
Onodera Ritsu from Sekai ichi Hatsukoi

071. Do you like mangas that don't have a happy end?
in general or just BL? not that it matters I have a nack for picky tragic things.

072. If you were a gay guy, would you be uke or seme?
dunno... lol

ugh i wasted like a whole hour on this... it's Moter's Day now!

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