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dark-alone [userpic]

was looking at my J-mags for July anime

May 21st, 2013 (07:51 pm)

Fangirled on irc:

<@Endless_Rain> ok july anime: Free! plot: swimming lol i don't know
<@Endless_Rain> but OLDCODEX is doing the op or ED for this one. Pre-ordered it already. which also means Tatsu is in it
* @Endless_Rain cheaks out the site
<@Endless_Rain> prolly i good one for girls XD http://iwatobi-sc.com/
<@Endless_Rain> cast: mamo-chan, hirakawa daisuke, Shimazaki Nobunaga (dunno him), Suzuki Tatsuhisa (i expect him to be the asshole), Yonaga Tsubasa
<@Endless_Rain> gods no!!! why is mamo-chan the "Cool" looking guy? no fair
<@Beulah> well, that's not really surprising
<@Endless_Rain> and omg Tatsu's chara looks-- nice
* @Endless_Rain drops dead
<@Beulah> lol
<@Endless_Rain> well Rin looks like the asshole and Tatsu's always an asshole chara...
<@Endless_Rain> js...
<@Endless_Rain> something tol look forward too i guess
<@Beulah> there's a first time for everything
<@Endless_Rain> now looking up: http://yowapeda.com/ i dunno what it is yet tho lol
<@Endless_Rain> maybe about cycling? lol
<@Endless_Rain> july is sports anime month?
<@Endless_Rain> ooo Tori's in it
<@Endless_Rain> as the cool looking guy
<@Endless_Rain> there we go: "Yowamushi Pedal" name. >___>
<@Endless_Rain> !! Fukushima Jun! (not to be confused with Fukuyama Jun) is in it!
<@Endless_Rain> he played Jin in Aquarion EVOL
<@Beulah> i didn't watch that
<@Endless_Rain> it was like Macross on crack or something. typical pervy mecha series...
<@Endless_Rain> director: Kawamori Shoji; music: kanno yoko
<@Endless_Rain> w girls that turn into guys...
<@Beulah> that's just weird
<@Endless_Rain> weird like Sailor Moon Stars? with the guys transforming into girls to fight evil? lol
<@Endless_Rain> my fav season
<@Beulah> i never saw sailor moon either
<@Endless_Rain> O___O
<@Endless_Rain> well the remake or whatever has been delayed to 2014...
<@Endless_Rain> next: "Danganronpa Kibō no Gakuen to Zetsubō no Kōkōsei The Animation"
<@Endless_Rain> looks a bit too odd for me...
<@Endless_Rain> but Ishida, Sakurai, Tori, Kappei, Masaya are in it
<@Endless_Rain> http://www.geneonuniversal.jp/rondorobe/anime/danganronpa/
<@Endless_Rain> ishida's chara looks like a girl...
<@Endless_Rain> yeah i've got nothing to say about this one...
<@Beulah> lol
<@Endless_Rain> next up is the farm anime... well there's this horse, and a pig...
<@Endless_Rain> no cast yet.. that sucks
<@Endless_Rain> silver spoon...?
<@Endless_Rain> it is about farming lol " Themes: agriculture, animals, dormitory, equestrianism, farming, school, school life "
<@Beulah> sounds like a lot of weird shows this season
<@Endless_Rain> yeps
<@Endless_Rain> next: Gatchaman Crowds - a spinoff of Gatchaman apparently
* DragonLord (~UPP@Rizon-BC0CDDCA.lightspeed.gdrpmi.sbcglobal.net) has joined #douka123
<@Endless_Rain> of course i’ve never seen anything Gatchaman beofre
<@Endless_Rain> next page reminds me of the mass catchup i need to do for Devil Survivor
<@Endless_Rain> omg XD lolz he’s got this hoodie that makes him look like a bunny!
<@Beulah> o.O
<DragonLord> so
<@Endless_Rain> you know one that can summon “devils” to fight for him
<DragonLord> yeah
<DragonLord> wtf
<DragonLord> Rylee walks in the door screeching
<DragonLord> it's an excited happy screech
<DragonLord> but
<DragonLord> a screech non the less
<@Endless_Rain> o.O
<DragonLord> my roommate's GF's daughter
<@Endless_Rain> O.o *spins*
<DragonLord> let's not get into the complexities of that particular relationship grouping
<DragonLord> it's complicated
<DragonLord> right Beulah?
<DragonLord> it's worse than any soap apera I could ever think of
<DragonLord> :p
<DragonLord> *opera
<DragonLord> so
<DragonLord> what animes did I miss?
<@Endless_Rain> just sit her down in front of ep 5 of attack on titan she’ll never speak again
<DragonLord> I forogt I never turned this on before I left
<DragonLord> so your sapms were missed
<@Endless_Rain> just a couple sport anime and a farming one
<@Endless_Rain> oh and a small talk about Aquarion EVOL & Sailor Moon stars
<@Endless_Rain> Arata wasn’t on this week... i hate them!!
<@Endless_Rain> oh gods.. i hate it when you forget someone’s name!
<@Endless_Rain> kikihara... tetsuya...? Natsu’s seiyuu is in here some other guy...
<@Endless_Rain> the other guy’s wearing a bow tie and quite honestly he does look like a loser. my theory is true
<@Endless_Rain> UtaPri 2000 spread but im not watching so...
<@Endless_Rain> anyone been watching that yamato 2199 thing? i heard its good
<DragonLord> never heard of it
<@Endless_Rain> sci-fi remake or sequel or something
<@Endless_Rain> most likely about war
<@Beulah> gah, my damn eye is twitching today
<@Endless_Rain> dry eye? or just a nervous twitch>?
<@Beulah> dry eye causes twitching?
<@Endless_Rain> apparently
<@Beulah> never heard of that
<DragonLord> sledgehammer will make the eye stop twitching
<@Beulah> will also make me stop seeing entirely
<DragonLord> <-- super helpful
<DragonLord> but
<DragonLord> it won't twitch anymore!
<DragonLord> isn't that what you wanted?
<DragonLord> a non twitchy eye?
<@Beulah> i didn't want to be dead instead
<DragonLord> you wouldn't be dead
<DragonLord> silly
<@Endless_Rain> there’s like no sci-fi in july this is awful
<DragonLord> we'll dig the eye outfirst
<DragonLord> xD
<@Beulah> gee thanks
<DragonLord> anytime!
<DragonLord> ^_^
<DragonLord> Kris
<@Endless_Rain> well aside for that titan thing... but that’s not mecha sci-fi.. and it’s kinda gross and scary
<DragonLord> you got anything that needs fixing?
<@Beulah> no she doesn't
<DragonLord> awww
<@Endless_Rain> oh! blood lad!
<@Endless_Rain> gah! stil no cast!
<DragonLord> I think she;'s oblivious to my offers of assistance
<DragonLord> xD
<DragonLord> or
<DragonLord> I suppose
<@Endless_Rain> may’n op...
<DragonLord> more likely
<DragonLord> she's ignoring me
<DragonLord> I'd ignore me too if I could
<DragonLord> xD
<@Endless_Rain> i was just thinking about the geass musical lol
<DragonLord> brb
<DragonLord> getting ice cream
<DragonLord> ^_^
<@Endless_Rain> found another: Makai Ōji: Devils and Realist
<@Endless_Rain> Terashima’s in it... Fukuyama Jun, Kakihara Tetsuya (i was close on the name) from zero-sum
<@Endless_Rain> http://makai-ouji.com/
<@Endless_Rain> oh Terashima’s chara looks awesome ^^
<@Endless_Rain> “Sitori” whom i thought was a girl.. forgive is played by MAtsuoka who plays Arata in well Arata
<@Endless_Rain> which means there are no girls in the current cast...
<@Endless_Rain> hmmm
* @Endless_Rain makes a note
<@Endless_Rain> Eguchi is William the human (Watanuki in inu x boku)
<@Endless_Rain> omg that pv...
<@Endless_Rain> got my first zero-sum issue not too long ago lets see...
<@Endless_Rain> hmm 6 vols out...
<@Endless_Rain> ! that’s william on the cover! no wonder he looked famialr lol Nai’s bigger though.. Karneval cover after all
<@Endless_Rain> http://youtu.be/TXsPsAssnFY
<bladez> 1,15You0,4Tube: 【Free!】 京アニ新作&キャスト発表(1/4) - New Swimming Anime Cast press meeting from: mo12cha14 Duration: 00:13:47
<@Endless_Rain> Hirakawa’s really nervous cute ^^
<DragonLord> are you using Japanese characters?
<@Endless_Rain> me?
<@Endless_Rain> it’s like an O w a line
<@Endless_Rain> so like ouji
<DragonLord> .:16·51·09:. ( @Endless_Rain ) it’s like an O w a line
<@Endless_Rain> omg he dyed his hair O_O
<@Endless_Rain> almost didn’t realize... other then he voice gave him away lol
<@Endless_Rain> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyvfXq6zKcE
<bladez> 1,15You0,4Tube: 魔界王子 Devils and Realist 制作発表 from: exia1031 Duration: 01:02:56
<@Endless_Rain> yocchin’s playing  a frog in something uchoten
<@Endless_Rain> ttly unfair
<DragonLord> Endless_Rain!
<@Endless_Rain> o.o
<DragonLord> you totally should get in on Plants vs Zombies facbook game with me!
<DragonLord> xd
<@Endless_Rain> sounds like it has zombies....
<DragonLord> >.>
<DragonLord> what a crazy idea that is
<@Endless_Rain> srsly i don’t do zombies tho. lol
<DragonLord> ok
<@Endless_Rain> just like cannibalism..
<@Endless_Rain> im surprised im hanging on with attack on titan lol
<@Endless_Rain> http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=15105
<@Endless_Rain> Kamisama no Inai Nichiyōbi
<@Endless_Rain> also currently on my list
<@Endless_Rain> so 7

where is no spellcheck in the world of irc.


Posted by: Because loving ONE Seki-sama isn't good enough! (sekitx2)
Posted at: May 22nd, 2013 07:40 am (UTC)
Daisuke Ono


Yamato 2199 is a re-make of Yamato first series which was Star Blazers (dub version, late 70s) first story arc.

Posted by: dark-alone (dark_alone)
Posted at: May 24th, 2013 01:30 am (UTC)
smoke wolfwood

yeah i think i've d/led the first 4 or 6 just haven't watched any yet.

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