dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Makai Oji: devils and realist

So the anime is starting in July, and i've just mass read all available chapters.
So in honour of this epic feat, I've ordered 2 books:
"The Goetia the Lesser Key of Solomon the King"
"A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits"

Both should be relevant to the series. I suppose The Bible would be too, but I've never read it, nor do I own it. I'm pretty sure I've never touched a copy in my life.
The only Bible I have read is The Satanic Bible, which of course has nothing to do with Satan at all, it's just Humanism.

Anyways Dantalion will be in the Goetia along with others from Makai Oji, cuz i was quite confused who certain characters were supposed to be.

This might be a good time to touch base on the recent incident in London, England. Religions, confusion and just age old Humanism at it's best. And no that's not a machete.
A butcher Knife is by no means anything close to a
machete. Most homes have a butcher knife, and some have a clever. Most DO NOT have machetes. I use that last "most" casually. I mean some religions wield such weapons; some collectors may have them; nerds/geeks of rpgs; various countries... not so much London England.

Cellphones. Humans worst invention in history.
Woman walks right past the man ranting and raving about craziness (2nd gen born britt claiming not to be; that's crazy) still holding the knives  and thinks nothing of it. People seem to be shocked when they see this. Why? This is the world we live in. People do not flock to a building to see the jumper get talked of the ledge they are there to see him/her die.

Was checking out best gore to see if they had anymore insight on the Knives Guy, they did not. I'm not huge on gory things, so I tread carefully there. I used to be able to stand it a bit more.

This is our world. We are surrounded by tons of crazy fucking people. This is why you don't get into the truck you are selling with 2 people you do not know for a test drive after they were dropped off at your house. Next thing your family is burying your incinerated body.

PSYCHO-PASS is very relevant to the world today.

Anyways my books will be here tomorrow... some light reading after work.
Speaking of i need to get to bed 4am morning and all.
Tags: anime: makai, life

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