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so .. yeah, why?

Total do not read if watching shounen Onmyouji

I got the idea in my head to listen to the 7th and last Drama CD....

I think I knew that this was now it was gonna end up, but still.... *buckets of tears*
I'll be crying them over the remaining episodes too.
And I somehow just released that Suwabe Junichi is playing Soushu.So there was some moments of Suwabe & Ishida, which in my head lead to a Sting vs Athrun moment. >.>'''' Followed by dreams, i guess, of Masahiro talking with both Mokkun, & Guren... and saddness... SO MUCH SADDNESS!!!

Here's to Konitan happiness via Kyoshiro to towa no sora then.... T_T

Okies 2nd Interview tomorrow for a job at The Bay...
Tags: anime: shounen onmyouji, drama cd, seiyuu: konishi katsuyuki

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