dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Pic Spam time!

...or just LJ entry spam time. I don't know. I'll try to wake up my F-list!

natsume complete
Got the 4th Series of Natsume. So I have them all now!

hakuoki sweets
Hakuouki Sweets.... interesting to see the least. got like 3 complete sets. 1 will do good as part of a x-mas gift.

final fantasy girls
Got the girls... Angelo wanted the focus apparently.

final fantasy viii
Couple from Final Fantasy VIII

final fantasy vii loud
Yep I own Cloud (AC version) as well. Pre-ordered Cloud FFVII version. (will try to not break his arm too)

Stationary boys
Memo-pad & pencil holders XD

psycho-pass tote
Psycho-Pass tote i decided to get on a whim...

nicholas d. wolfwood
Nicholas D. Wolfwood. I'm that cool....

Tags: anime: durarara, anime: hakuouki, anime: natsume, anime: psycho pass, anime: trigun, games: final fantasy, merch, pic spam

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